"For over forty years we have become experts in breeding Peafowl, AKC German Shorthaired Pointers,  Painted Sheep, Emu, & Pigs."

About Rhineland Acres

Our tranquil environment has been an asset to our family and to our numerous exotic pets. We start with one pet in a particular species add another and before we know it we have several, much loved, pets. Since we are unable to keep all of their offspring we offer them  for sale. Our heartfelt love and nurturing creates friendly ,top quality, stock. We take great pride in placing them in the care of individuals who will appreciate them as much as we do.

At Rhineland Acres Farm we have been breeding peafowl for over forty years. We began with the common India Blues in the 60's added Black Shoulder, Spaulding, and White in the 70's, worked extensively with Cameos during the 80's, and continued with adding many of the new color combinations: Pied,Charcoal, Bronze, Purple and Greens in the 90's. We continue to have all of these varieties available.

Our exotic dove collection expands each year and includes species from all over the world. Many color phases of Diamond Dove, Ring Neck,  Zebra, Palm, Dwarf Turtle, Australian Crested, and African Triangle Spot, can be found in extensive outdoor aviaries. Our Sebastopol geese in Pied and white sport curly feathers graze the pastures along with our heritage Pied Cotton Patchgeese,males are white females are gray pied.

A variety of Bantam chickens, fancy pigeons, ornamental white Mandarin ducks, and Japanies Koi fish also make their home on our farm.

The Registered Painted Desert Sheep flock joined the farm ; we have the first registered flock in New England. Painted Desert sheep are a low maintenance hair sheep. Not goats or goat crosses. Beautify splashed with white, black, and red random markings. Their short wool sheds out in the spring leaving them slick  with a goat-like appearance. They are highly resistant to parasites and require very little hoof maintenance. Lambing can occur twice a year and easy multiple births are common. The sheep love to eat grasses, weeds and even spruces; they can clear any terrain with ease and are completely hardy to Northern climates. They are also considered a trophy sheep as the rams sport large curled horns. The ewes usually weigh approximately 75 lbs and rams 125 lbs - this can vary. These sheep make wonderful and interesting docile pets.

Our Julianna mini pigs ,or Painted pigs,-Orion,Petunia and Lucy are eager to take a hand out and preform tricks .They are sweet spotted piggies who all weigh less than 50 lbs as adults.

Sadie, Reese, Mona, Kolle and Halle are our German Shorthaired Pointer dogs; they are sensational  pets, guardians and hunters.They are loving, gentle, highly intelligent, dogs with outstanding AKC bloodlines. Great hunters with the gentle temperaments make them the perfect companion. We occasionally offer a litter of pups from these beauties.

We encourage visiting our farm so you can see the stock and learn of their requirements. We are happy to spend time discussing their individual needs as they are exotics. Specialized foods, shelters and attention will ensure their comfort and survival  If you are unable to visit we are happy to answer any questions via email or phone. Shipping of our birds is possible. Sorry, we are unable to ship livestock, Koi or puppies; however, we can recommend transportation.