Welcome to our antique New England homestead. We are located in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts.The original house and barn was constructed in 1852 and the Benner family purchased the   property in 1952. Since then many additions have been constructed and the landscaping has lovingly been enhanced. A multitude of exotic fish, birds and animals have been added.The fourth generation of the family is now residing here and we welcome visitors by appointment.


 Our Current Offers

We are accepting deposits on our next litter of German Shorthaired Pointers, contact us below for more information.

Currently we are offering a discount on:

  • ~Adopt a Kid Painted Ewe and Ram for the price of one.

  • ~Become the mother of dragons by hatching your own Emu Egg.

About us.     

     Our tranquil environment has been an asset to our family and to our numerous exotic pets. We start with one pet in a particular species add another and before we know it we have several, much loved, pets. Since we are unable to keep all of their offspring we offer them  for sale. Our heartfelt love and nurturing creates friendly ,top quality, stock. We take great pride in placing them in the care of individuals who will appreciate them as much as we do.

     We encourage visiting our farm so you can see the stock and learn of their requirements. We are happy to spend time discussing their individual needs as they are exotics. Specialized foods, shelters and attention will ensure their comfort and survival  If you are unable to visit we are happy to answer any questions via email or phone. Shipping of our birds is possible. Sorry, we are unable to ship livestock, Koi or puppies; however, we can recommend transportation. Read more....


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